Offering a wide range of marketing and communications consulting services, my goal is to help clients fully realize revenue-driving efforts with strategic and well-informed plans for digital advertising, social media engagement, and traditional media. I can help you:

  • Create impact—whether through increasing sales, customer acquisition and retention, or community engagement—across an organization.

  • Establish new marketing strategies and optimize ongoing strategies to work smarter, not harder.

  • Measure the sales impact of marketing campaigns and provide actionable insights.

  • Craft compelling, meaningful content that not only resonates with target audiences, but also produces results in engagement and sales.

  • Leverage analytics to calibrate and drive effective messaging tactics that work.

With over fifteen years of experience working with institutions of all sizes, allow me to advise on budgeting, projections, sales forecasting, and pricing. We’ll come up with an analytical yet creative approach to ensure your budget meets your institutional goals and objectives, especially when working with smaller budgets and limited resources.

Marketing Specialties



Expert in building robust advertising plans—including media planning & buying, and contract negotiations—that maximize both reach and savings. Services range from branding and ad campaign development to advertisement trafficking and project management. I have worked with graphic designers, art directors, and ad agencies to create ads that make an impact and deliver results.


Digital Marketing

Make every click count and better understand your customers’ online purchase path with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. In addition to traditional media, I’ll handle digital and video ad placements, display banners, automated marketing, and retargeting strategies for single tickets, memberships, subscriptions, donations, brand awareness, and other offerings important to your brand.


Social Media

Bolster your social media marketing with the right strategies and you will motivate your biggest fans to become brand advocates. I’ll execute channel-specific approaches to keep audiences engaged in your brand while also devising tactics to highly target audiences and increase followers who take action.


Email Marketing

My experience includes building emails across multiple ESPs (ex. MailChimp), developing tactics to support list growth, managing list segmentation, using deep analytics to enhance email performance, tailoring messages to drive sales, improving click rates and open rates, and more.


Content Marketing

From website content and collateral to email and social media communications, let me take care of quality content creation, building an editorial calendar, handling copywriting and editing. I believe in testing and optimizing content strategies so that messaging efforts are time-efficient and effective in reaching your audience.


Campaign Management

A successful campaign starts with a well-designed plan that is integrated across the appropriate marketing and communications channels, whether through digital content, display ads, email, out-of-home, print, search, social media or video. I can help expertly plan, implement, and manage marketing campaigns of any size and scale.


Sponsorships & Partnerships

In addition to advertising and marketing campaigns, I am here to help build corporate sponsorship packages with marketing benefits, organize and cultivate promotional partnerships, spearhead event marketing programs, develop proposals, implement strategic partnerships, and identify other sponsorship or promotional opportunities.


Analytical Reporting

Marketing plans and strategies are strengthened by my expertise in evaluating return-on-investment, developing pricing strategies, plus designing dynamic and variable pricing models. I work with Google Analytics and social media analytics tools, using both in-platform insights and third party metrics, to provide clients with regular reporting and actionable insights on sales and social media engagement.